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Armoire Makeover

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Do you have that spot on your kitchen counter that is ALWAYS stacked full of mail and ‘junk?’ If you answered no, then I think you’re lying ha!

I was so tired of that spot in our house that I decided to come up with a solution. I browsed Craig’s List and came across this beautiful, large, solid-wood armoire! It was about 25 minutes away and I grabbed it quick!

To make it a little more my style, we removed the molding at the top and replaced it with a 1×4. We also removed the inserts on the doors and added in vertical shiplap. This step actually ended up being easier than we imagined because the inserts were able to pop out as soon as we made a few cuts and the shiplap pieces were able to slide in where the previous panels had been.

I painted the cabinet Pigeon by Farrow and Ball (my very favorite color! There is a whole story highlight on it on my instagram account @thebloomingnest).

Now all of our mail and junk can be tucked away and I just simple close the doors when I want the house tidy! It also serves as a beautiful decor piece in our living room! Win, Win!

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