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Baby Feeding Essentials with Walmart

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

If you’ve been around long enough you have probably heard me mention that I breastfed my almost 3 year old, Lawson, until he was 17 months old. With baby sister coming next month I am starting to prepare for how I plan to feed her. Thanks to Walmart’s amazing baby selection I am all ready to go when she gets here!

This time around, since my hands are already full with her big brother, I plan to pump and feed bottles of breastmilk and formula from the very beginning. This is all new territory for me since I am only familiar with breastfeeding. Lawson NEVER took a bottle!! I am going to share all of the essentials that I purchased from Walmart so that we have everything prepared before she arrives.

Scroll below to shop my picks!

Shop Walmart’s baby selection at amazing prices HERE!

This post is in collaboration with Walmart – all products were purchased by me and I am sharing my honest thoughts. This post also contains affiliate links – thank you so much for supporting The Blooming Nest!

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