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BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hi there!! It’s been a while since I’ve sat at this keyboard and boy have I missed it!

I recently got the opportunity to work with the company BB Frosch and I was thrilled to try out their chalk paint powder! Turning ANY paint into chalk paint by just adding their magic powder? It seemed too good to be true! It was always so difficult to find the right shade of chalk paint when most brands have such limited color choices. I couldn’t wait to give it a try and  show y’all how it works!

I had a wooden chair that I bought from Goodwill a little while back that I thought would be the perfect thing to try the chalk paint powder on. The chair was already super cute and distressed but it always looked a little bit yellow next to everything in my house. Also I had two lamps that I had recently painted white and distressed but I hated how they looked and knew that a fresh color would look great! These are the two pieces I tried my BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder on.

before picture of chair and lamp
BB Frosch chalk paint powder

They sent me the cutest package in the mail that included the 100% natural BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder, BB Frosch Premium finishing wax, a tiny little whisk and a cute little plastic container to mix my paint in (not pictured). I was so excited to start this project! How cute is the little whisk?!

My inspiration for choosing my paint color was this cute new entry way rug I recently purchased from Homegoods! I love the mauve-y pink flowers! I know it’s risky but I decided to paint my lamps and wooden chair PINK! I’m so lucky to have a husband who is so easy going and lets me decorate how ever I choose.

floral rug inspiration

After sifting through paint samples at Sherwin Williams I ended up choosing the color Faded Rose! When I got home and held it up to the rug the match was almost perfect! I just love pink! Time to get started mixing and painting!

Step 1:

Add Two heaping tablespoons of the BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder to a small container. I used the container they sent me in my kit!

(I doubt any of you make as big of a mess of this as I did, but the chalk powder was so light and airy, like a cloud! So as soon as I touched it some spilled onto the table.)

BB Frosch Measure chalk powder

Step 2:

Add one tablespoon of water to your chalk paint powder and stir until its a smooth cream! The instructions compared it to “donut icing,” this made me hungry!

BB Frosch stir chalk powder

Step 3:

Pour the paint of your choice on top of your “donut icing” (aka chalk paint powder/water mixture)!

BB Frosch pour paint

Step 4:

Shake, Shake, Shake! Put your lid on tight and shake until you can see no more white! It mixed so quickly for me! If you are making your chalk paint in a container that doesn’t have a lid, just stir the mixture until there is no more white!

BB Frosch shake paint and powder

Step 5:

Paint!! After one swipe of paint I was amazed at the coverage! It went on SO smooth and I loved seeing the pink color I had picked out myself!

BB Frosch quality and coverage

Step 6:

Wax! I just wiped the wax on with a paper towel working small sections at a time and then wiping off the excess wax. This finished off and sealed the pieces!


Here are some pictures of my new pink pieces in my home! What do you think?? I haven’t decided where I am going to keep my chair yet, maybe I’ll move it somewhere new every week! haha!

Overall, I would 100% recommend purchasing BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder if you’re like me and are always wanting to freshen up some of your furniture. I mixed that small container of pink and barely even made a dent in it! It really goes a long way because the coverage is amazing and I still have almost a full container of the powder for future projects to mix with fun new colors! Ultimately the biggest advantage of this product is being able to hand pick your color. There is no way any of the normal chalk paint brands would have had a pink color that matched my rug exactly, but with this product I was able to get a color almost identical! I am so looking forward to using my powder on projects in the future! Maybe I’ll be painting something for the nursery very soon!

industrial shelving pink chair decor
entry way
pink chair chalk paint

Let me know what you think if you try the BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder! I have a feeling you will love it as much as I did! You can buy your own BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder here! You can always find more pictures of my finished projects on instagram @thebloomingnest! See you over there and thanks for stopping by!!


Disclaimer: BB Frosch kindly sent this Chalk Paint Powder kit to me so I could try it out and give it my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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