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Budget Bathroom Makeover!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Hurry!! My BFF Vanessa is coming to visit in a couple of months so I am trying to get the guest bedroom/bathroom put together for her so she will feel at home! I know she would be perfectly fine with an air mattress or couch but it’s a good excuse to get it ready anyway!! She will be our first guest and I can’t wait!!


I knew the bathroom I could makeover fairly quickly while I wait on furniture and wallpaper to arrive for the bedroom! I had been wanting to try a new paint color by Farrow and Ball called Setting Plaster so I grabbed a quart and decided to try it out on the bathroom vanity! I used Behr paint in hi-gloss! Here is a photo of the exact color code I used.

I loooove the color so much! It is very “blooming nest” and matches my home and style really well. I also feel like the guest bedroom is a fun place to experiment with unique design! If you try it out, just keep in mind it dries a little darker and warmer than when you first start painting.

I checked in my handy dandy decor closet for some hardware and found exactly what I needed. I don’t know how I got that lucky! I will link the handles below. The knobs that i used on the top drawer are from Hobby Lobby.

We removed the mirror by slowly prying it off. Most mirrors will be glued to the wall so you have to be careful. We added a piece of beadboard paneling behind the vanity to cover up the wall damage.

I decided to repurpose the vanity mirror rather than spend hundreds on a new one, since this was supposed to be a quick and budget friendly makeover. I removed the glass shades and sprayed the fixture with two coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White and one coat of bleached stone textured spray paint. I will link both below for you! I love how this turned out! It gave it a really cool stone finish. I think I will replace the shades eventually though 😉 Here is an up close photo of the texture and color!

Brett installed the new faucet that we ordered from amazon (linked below)! & framed out the window with 1×4’s. These were the finishing touches that really pulled it all together.

I cleaned up and did my very favorite thing EVER! Decorated the space!! After planning and ordering and painting and building it is SO rewarding to style a space and step back and look at it!! What’s your favorite part?

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