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Create your own Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can be intimidating to a lot of people but honestly they are pretty hard to mess up. I am going to give you some simple tips to create a great gallery wall!

As you all know, my walls in my living room are huge. Creating a gallery wall gave me a quick fix to cover the wall that is also very budget friendly. A good place for me to start was around my TV. I treated the tv like a piece of art…because it is! I love my frame tv for this reason. On such a large wall I knew I needed some large frames and also some smaller ones but not so small that they get lost on the wall.

Create a balance. When creating your gallery wall, if you have a very large frame on one side maybe balance those on the other side with two smaller frames. When looking at your wall you want to make sure it is visually appealing. Its okay if it is not perfectly symmetrical. The spacing between each frame needs to be about an inch. Spreading your frames too far apart from each other on the wall will look messy.

Get a variation of frames. When planning my gallery wall I visited several local antique stores and found a few unique frames I liked. The rest of them I already had. This is a great project to use some of those frames you aren’t using anymore. Check out my link here to see some of the frames you can use to get you started.

Test out your design. There are several ways when making a gallery wall to test it out and see if it will look good. One way to do this is to lay it all out on the floor and play around with your frames and make sure it is the look you want. Another way to test out your design is to get some painters tape and measure the frames you will be using. Place your painters tape on the wall where you will be placing your frame and map it all out on the wall. This is the best method to me because it gives you a great visual of what your gallery wall will look like.

Find great ART! What is in your frames is really what is going to make your gallery wall great. I have linked so many ETSY shops that have great pintables. When doing my gallery wall I simply downloaded them and sent them to Walgreens. It was very inexpensive and the prints were good quality. When choosing what prints you want, try and stick with similar colors. You may want a few neutral prints in there to break up some of the color. I wouldn’t use too many art prints or cut outs with a lot of words. One or two is okay but frames filled with tons of words will be hard to read. Look around your house for things you could frame. Old curtains you don’t use that you love the fabric, wallpaper remnants, printed paper, or even pieces of fabric.

Don’t hang your pictures too high. One of the most common design mistakes many people make is hanging your pictures too high. People want to actually see your pictures and whats in them. Keep them close to eye level when creating your gallery wall and you should be good.

Hope some of these tips will help you get started. Have fun!

Shop some of my favorites here!

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Norma Angelica
Norma Angelica
02 may 2023

One of my favorite gallery walls I’ve seen 😍

Me gusta

Gallery walls are so beautiful but so intimidating! Definitely going to give this a shot. I have pieces purchased and ready so I just need to pick up a hammer and nail and get to it!

Me gusta

Could you share the mix of sizes you used for your frames? Love the balance!

Me gusta
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