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DIY Fireplace with Real Flame! Part 2

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hi!! If you missed part one of this project you can read all about that HERE.

After we had the sheetrock installed, it was time to built the mantel. It took me months to finalize this fireplace design and I ended up tweaking a few things even during the building process. It turned out better than I ever imagined!!

We built a structure for the base out of maple plywood. We mitered, clamped, glued and nailed the corners together for a seamless finish! We also cut out an arch opening in it! This is my favorite detail that we added last minute! Don’t you love it!?

Then, Brett built the double mantel of my dreams!!! How did I get so lucky? I dream up ideas (my favorite pastime), ugly sketch them on paper and he brings them to life!!! He is self taught and I admire him so much!

He added pieces of 2×4’s onto the structure and made sure they were level. This is what he nailed the mantle into so that it would be supported.

So good already right!? Just wait, because it gets EVEN BETTER!

We hired our favorite general contractor to come in and do the taping and floating on the sheetrock, paint the entire thing, and tile inside of the arch! They finished in about 2 days. It’s like magic when we hire out jobs because they do everything so well and clean up after themselves!!!

(The hole in the wall is for future TV cords)

Isn’t the tile gorgeous!? It is from Alexander James Shop, called Magma 4×4. A Blooming Nester recommended that we forgo grout when using this tile and I am so glad she mentioned that because it looks AWESOME without grout. You don’t lose any of the texture.

For the finishing touch, we ripped a piece of pine really thin, soaked it and bent it so that the part around the tile would be trimmed out!

All we have left to do is wait for our insert to be delivered, TOMORROW!!! Put back our baseboards and decorate!! WOOHOO!! I can’t wait to see the insert and show you and style this mantle for Fall (and then soon for Christmas!).

Read Part 3 HERE!

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