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DIY Skinny Lap Headboard

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I was so excited when Lawson told me he wanted his room to be “beach” themed. He literally asks to go to the beach every single day! I love that about him. I knew that I wanted to try out skinny lap in his room. I had a feeling I would love it because it was created by Joanna Gaines herself 😉 It ended up being a fairly easy project and is going to make such a big impact in his room.

What You’ll Need:

  1. clear pine 1×2’s

  2. nail gun

  3. level

  4. scrap wood piece that is your ceiling height

  5. popsicle stick or some sort of “spacer”

Here is our big load of 1×2’s. I will link the exact ones we used below. The longest length they sell them is 8′ so we decided to make our skinny lap wall the width of half of a board, 4 feet, so that we could get two boards out of one!

We started by cutting each board in half so that they were all exactly 4 feet long. You want to make sure that all of your boards are exactly the same length and don’t vary at all.

Then we used a scrap 1×5 we had in the garage to act as a guide for the skinny lap. We placed it vertically on the wall where we wanted the ends of our shiplap to be. We made sure it was level and then nailed it up.

We placed the first 1×2 directly on top of our baseboard and also butted up against to our wood guide that we had already nailed up. We nailed this board in place.

Then you place your “spacer” (we used a triangle we had in the garage because we liked the width. You can use popsicle sticks or whatever is easiest!), on top of your board and then your next board and nail it in. Repeat this process until the whole wall is done.

*we did have an outlet that we had to go around but I didn’t take photos of that process. It is the same way we deal with outlets when doing board and batten or regular shiplap and I am going to save a video tutorial of that in my highlights on my secondary instagram @behind.thebloomingnest.

And DONE!! Come back soon for a reveal of Lawson’s room when I have it fully decorated. And don’t forget that I usually hangout on Instagram and you can find video tutorials of my projects there (@thebloomingnest).

*our headboard is offcentered for a few reasons.. One because we plan to do a barn door on the left side of his closet door and will need a little extra space for the bracket, two, because I like his bed closer to the wall on the right, and three because I am wanting to set a small stool next to his bed on the left side to act as a nightstand.

See you soon!


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