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Dupe It Yourself – Anthropologie Flush Mount

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

We have the infamous “boob” lights in every single one of our bedrooms. I have wanted to replace them since we moved in so I plan to tackle one room at a time. Since we have so many to replace, I did not feel like spending $250 on a light for Brenan’s room. So I decided to Dupe It!! Keep reading to see how easy it was and what a big difference it made.

Before – Boob Light

Anthropologie Flush Mount – $250

Super cute huh!? I love how feminine it is. I knew it would fit perfectly in Brenan’s floral nursery. Let’s get started!!

What you’ll need:

  1. Flush Mount Light

  2. Metal Flashing

  3. Gold Spray Paint

  4. Scissors

We began by using a small pot to trace a circle on the metal flashing that was a little smaller than the size of the new light fixture. Then, we used a plate that was about an inch larger in diameter and traced that. Next, find something that is a small circle, (I used one of lawson’s sippy cups) and begin tracing small circles around the edges. I set the cup right on the edge of the inside circle every time to make sure they were all even.

Once you have your shape drawn, it is time to cut! This metal flashing was super easy to cut with a normal pair of scissors. I started with a large pair but ended up using a small pair because they were easier to work with. Cut the inside circle out and around each “scallop.”

Take your flower shape and your new light fixture outside and spray paint them! We used the color Rustoleum Sunlit Brass. We did two quick coats and let them dry.

Follow the instructions that come with the new light fixture on installation and just drop on your gold flower before attaching the white glass cover. Including spray paint this project will cost you $37!! Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you recreate this @thebloomingnest!

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