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Entry Way Built-ins

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Does your home have a weird nook like ours did? Why do builders think we need these? We knew when we purchased this home that we would be knocking this wall out. It was too rounded to hang art on and I knew we could make it into something really special!

THE BEFORE: Our weird nook..

If you haven’t read THIS post yet, it talks about our kitchen plans and how they have changed. We originally were doing two custom, floating cabinets but decided we would rather have windows! So we needed to find a place to repurpose the custom cabinets we had already ordered.

We decided to make them into built-ins!

We started with demo! YIKES! The mess what BIG, but we got it all cleaned up!

Brett built a base for the cabinets to sit on!

Then, we stacked the cabinets on top of each other!

We framed in both cabinets with primed pine from Home Depot.

We found this beautiful running trim from Wayfair. I really wanted something that would make this look like a unique piece of furniture and I wanted it to have Anthropologie vibes. Nailed it, huh?!

We added a 1×2 on its side across the bottom to act as the bottom of the piece. Then I sketched out the legs I wanted and Brett cut them out of a 1×8.

We finished off the wall by adding small trim pieces in the corners and painting!!

I smile when I walk by them, and I am so happy to have somewhere to display some of my favorite decor pieces!! Also, since we have a plug in the back of the bottom shelf, I plan to hide our Alexa in one of those baskets 😉


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