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Fireplace Plans

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Source: @bestfriendsforfrosting

I am determined to have a beautiful fireplace in our living room before it is time to decorate for the holiday season! “Brett! Did you hear that!?” 😉

Plans are underway and I am so excited! I haven’t finalized everything but I do know the overall shape that I want and we did order our fireplace insert a couple of weeks ago, which by the way, is the coolest insert ever!!!

Our options for adding a fireplace to our living room were to either have a plumber come bust out sheetrock and run a gas line or do another electric insert like we did in our previous home (pictured below). Read about our previous DIY fireplace HERE.

We do live in Houston, Texas so the electric insert was great for our last home! But this time I really wanted a real flame. A Blooming Nester told me to look into the brand Hearth Cabinet. My mind was blown!!! A real flame insert that runs on alcohol gel cartridges so it is completely safe to burn in your home!!!! They are pricey but it would’ve also been pricey to have a gas line run, then buy a ventless gas insert and then we would have gas fumes in our home whenever we turned it on. So I felt like it was worth the money and was the perfect solution!

I can’t wait to share more about it when our insert comes in!! It will be a couple of months because everything is backordered. I went with a pearl gold color and I think it is going to be unique and beautiful!

I am leaning toward the bottom of our fireplace being a beautiful tile, either something with texture or pattern. I want the bump out to go to the ceiling (2 stories), and a large wrap around mantle!!

The awesome thing is, even though we are waiting on our insert to come in, we can get started on building the structure because the insert is completely stand alone! Doesn’t even need a plug!

Here are a few designs I have drawn up! I don’t think any of them are JUST right but it gives you an idea of what I am picturing!

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