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Guest Room Wallpaper + Wallpaper Roundup!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Ahhhh I wallpapered the guest room yesterday and I could not love it more! The kind of paper I used is called “paste-the-wall” and it’s by far the easiest kind I have ever installed! (yes, better than peel and stick!)

My number one question when I share wallpaper is…

Can you apply it to textured walls?

It’s your lucky day, because I have textured walls! Pictured below is what our texture looks like. I have installed all types of wallpaper on texture so I am your girl!!

My favorite type by far is paste-the-wall! It is thick, so the texture doesn’t show through, and it is so simple to install! I have also used peel and stick, and while it will work on texture, yo u will be able to see the texture through it a little bit because it is a thinner paper, and sometimes the corners peel up on me so I would have to use a little bit of paste anyway.

To install paste-the-wall, you apply your wallpaper paste directly to the wall using a brush or small roller, and then you just place the dry paper on top! Smooth it out, trim off the excess and you’re done!! No mess and it is quality paper!

Below I will link some of my favorite wallpaper designs!!

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