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Half Bath Makeover

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I am pretty confident when I say our half bath started out as the ugliest room in our house and ended up the cutest!! Since it is such a small space, I got to focus on every little detail, and I cannot believe the transformation! From floors, to walls, to lighting, it is a completely different room, and all on a budget!!


Here is the before…. So boring and builder grade. I bought the mirror when we first moved in hoping we would redo it soon. But, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list and then when the time came to do the bathroom, I didn’t want to use the mirror anymore, ha!

The first thing we did was remove the pedestal sink! I was so glad to see it go!

When we started this project, I planned to put wallpaper on the wall behind the sink. I am so glad that I changed my mind and came up with this shiplap pattern. It turned out so cute! We did small pieces of shiplap vertically and then 1×4’s in between. We decided on the color Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. I love the coastal vibe it gives off.

Next thing to tackle was the ugly tile floors! I used Rustoleum Rock Solid floor paint, like I had previously used in the kids’ bathroom. I did one coat of white and then used the stencil in the color oyster shell. You can find a video tutorial of this project in my Instagram highlights @thebloomingnest. I will also link everything used below!

When the mirror I ordered for the bathroom came in and was waaaaay too small, I decided to use an extra mirror that I used before in my bedroom. The size and shape was perfect but I did decided to sand down the wood to take the stain off. The natural wood ended up looking great!!

We found the white vanity for a great price at Ikea! It’s called hemnes, and it came with the sink, although you have to mount it to the cabinet yourself! I added some cute hardware to make it look more unique. I love the size of it and how much storage it added to our tiny space.

It’s pretty funny that I waited so long to tackle this room since it’s one of the main rooms guests see when they come over. I am so glad they have a pretty and comforting space to use the restroom now 😉 For more details and video tutorials of this project, follow along @thebloomingnest on Instagram! See you there!

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