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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hey Yall, My name is Regan! I live in Houston, Texas with my handsome & hardworking husband. I am blessed by him in so many ways. I have learned so much in the past 7 months of being married, we have grown more in love everyday. My husband is an accounting manager at a company 10 minutes from our home (THANKFUL), and I run my own etsy shop selling simple and comfy dresses, which means I get to work from home! We are both in every sense of the meaning “homebodies,” and although most people are traveling and exploring during their early years of marriage, we want nothing more than a relaxing Saturday at home doing projects around the house. But thats just a little bit about us, check out the “about me” tab for more about our life!


The name of this blog was inspired by our life, where we are now and where I hope we will always be. “Blooming” as in our home is growing and blossoming, not only just by the amount of home improvement projects but also by love. This is a state I hope that we will be in for the rest of our lives, always “blooming” together and growing in our love for one another & more importantly for God. Also, the “blooming” part clicked because I love to decorate with lots of botanicals as you will see in future blog posts! The “nest” part is pretty straight forward, as in our home together. (side note: I feel like my biggest calling in life is to be a momma, and that is something I pray that God will bless me with one day. So another reason the “nest” part was perfect is because one day I hope to blog about my “littles”). I am just so excited to share my passions with all of you and hope that I can inspire you in some way! I plan to fill this blog up with budget friendly décor ideas and DIY’s, affordable beauty products, and things that I have learned during the short time that I have been blessed to be called “wife.” Thanks for following along & feel free to pin any house pictures, just simply “click to pin!”

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you will be seeing on The Blooming Nest Blog! xo- Regan

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