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How To Hang Serena & Lily Hanging Chair

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I have had my eye on one of Serena & Lily’s beautiful hanging chairs for years, and when Lawson told me he wanted a “beach” themed room, I knew it was the perfect time to splurge! He thinks I got it for him, but really it’s for me, haha! When placing the order, I assumed the chair would come with hardware and instructions, but when it came in the mail, I realized it didn’t. I thought it would be helpful if I shared how we installed it! It ended up being super easy!

What you’ll need:

  1. Serena & Lily Hanging chair

  2. Mounting Hardware – (We chose this one so that the swing could rotate 360 degrees, fun!!)

  3. Stud Finder

  4. Impact Driver  (we used a socket adaptor bit on our impact driver to make installation fast and easy, but you could also just use a socket wrench set)

First thing you will need to do is use your stud finder to locate the ceiling joist! We have this stud finder, and it works great! Once you find a stud that is in a good location for your swing, mark it with a pencil on either side.

Once your stud is marked, you can install your mounting plate! Brett decided to hold the plate in place and drill a regular screw into it first to make sure he was for sure hitting the stud! He was! So he put in the heavy duty screws that came with the mounting hardware. This is where we used the socket adaptor bit on the impact driver, but you could easily use a socket wrench.

Now it is time to tie your knot! The swing is looped so that there are two ropes that need to be tied together at the top. This was the part I was scared of, because I wanted to make sure it would be super sturdy (the swing is for me remember? ha!) Brett did a quick google search to figure out what kind of knot we needed to tie. He was able to follow the diagram below, but I bet you could find a tutorial on youtube as well! Brett tied it at the ends of the ropes at first, but was able to adjust them later so that the swing sat farther off the ground.

Then, Brett held up the swing, and we decided how low we wanted it to hang. We settled on 18.5 inches (to the front ledge of the chair) from the ground. You will want it a little higher than you think, because it will sink a bit when you sit in it (or a lot if you just ate a lot of cookies LOL). We did ours a tad lower just because we wanted Lawson to be able to climb in and out of it easily, plus the rope can be adjusted later as he grows!

Add a comfy blanket and a pillow and it will definitely be your favorite place to rest! I am so glad that it ended up being easy to hang. Where else can I put one!? ….

…..jk, hubs. <3

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