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How to: Scallop Wall

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Scallop walls look hard and tedious but let me assure you that with the right tools and the right paint brushes this project is really fun and you can more than likely finish it in a day. We recently re did Ashley's daughters bedroom. They recently moved into a new house and are busy making it their own. The scallop wall detail was on our list of to dos for a while and we knocked it out in under 3 hours! I am going to give you an easy step by step way that we knocked out this cute scallop wall! The color we used for this project was Benjamin Moore in the color Boudoir.

Things you will need for this project:

- pencil

-a long level

-your favorite paint color

-2" paint brush

-small roller

-something around your house you can trace for the scallop- or make your own stencil

First we decided how high we wanted to do the scallops. Every room is going to be different for this. We just did what we thought looked best to the eye. We measured up in a few places how high we wanted it and got a long level. We placed the level on our marks to make our first long line. From here we used that long line and level to make a line all the way around the room. We used a pencil to do this and the paint covered it up fine!

Next we searched around the house for something that was the size of the scallops we wanted. We ended up finding a lid to a jar that was perfect. Our scallops are about 6" wide and 3" tall from the line. You can make a little mark half way around the lid on each side and line up those marks on the line you drew on the wall. We went around the room on our line and once again traced with a pencil. When we got to the corners it could be a little tricky. We just free handed it in the corners to match as close as we could to the others.

Now that all the tracing was done it was time to paint! No need to trace each one with a little bitty paint brush. We found that a good thick 2" paint brush was perfect. With a dip in the paint we could trace the scallop lines just over the pencil all the way around with one stroke! This may take a little time and that is okay! I promise its worth the patience to do this all around the room!

Once we finished up the scallop detail we used a small roller for the rest of the room. The smaller roller just covers way better than using the large ones. We were so excited I think we moved the furniture back in place before the paint was even dry! This was such a fun little project that made a huge difference in the room. Ashley still has some things she wants to add but for now its looking great! Her daughter LOVES IT!

Remember: its just paint!! You get tired of it down the road or your child grows out of the look its so easy to change!

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Happy Painting!

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