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Kitchen Design Plans!!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

YAY! It’s finally time to chat about our kitchen design plans! I have changed my mind about paint colors, backsplash, cabinet placement so many times, and I am sure a couple of things may change here and there but I wanted to fill you in on what we are planning to do!



Can you say PIGEON?! I went back and forth and back and forth but I am GOING FOR IT! I am so stinking excited and I think it’s going to be beautiful. I don’t want to make boring design decisions in this house and pigeon is practically a neutral for me 😉 I think we will have the color lightened by 25% for the cabinets. They will start the painting process the end of next week!!

I fell in love with this star and cross pattern tile. You can find it at a few different places. The one I have pictured below is from Fireclay Tile!

We are having two custom cabinets made for either side of the custom vent hood we plan to build. I really didn’t want to do floating shelves in our reno. One, because they aren’t practical for storage (no matter how much you try to convince yourself they will be ha!). Two, because I wanted to do something classic!

I already ordered the beautiful pendant lights but they were way too big! I purchased the 20″ size but with our ceiling height in the kitchen I am going to order the smaller ones instead (13.5″).

We ordered our appliances the other day!!! It’s stressful to spend so much money at once but it takes months for them to come in and I know they will be worth the splurge!

Shop our appliances and lighting choices below!

Our fridge wall was a big issue. The upper cabinets were shallow making even a counter depth fridge look like it is sticking out way too far. We decided to remove the countertop space, add two large drawers and bring the upper cabinets forward so the fridge will ultimately look built in. The new fridge that comes in in a few months will be counter depth and will look completely build in when we are finished! We got a head start on this project so it can be done before the cabinet painters come!



oh! And we plan to add beadboard to the entire ceiling of the kitchen area!

A few other plans we have…

  1. Remove microwave and add in a custom vent hood – we plan to plaster it and possibly make it a unique shape!

  2. Remove upper cabinets next to microwave and replace with custom cabinets with glass fronts – (we will reuse these cabinets in the laundry room where I currently have NO storage, win win!)

  3. Rip out current subway tile backsplash and replace with new backsplash all the way to the ceiling!

  4. Add molding to the tops of the cabinets – all the way to the ceiling

  5. add a farmhouse sink

  6. Square off the island – (counter top and base)

  7. Possibly tile the front of the island with an accent tile

I can HARDLY wait to get started! It already feels like Ive waited a lifetime. Who’s ready to see this pigeon kitchen come to life!?

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