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Kitchen Reno: Adding Windows!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022


It’s an exciting day over here!! They are finally cutting through the brick exterior to add windows to our kitchen! You can read about why we decided to have this done HERE.

I have a feeling you know about all of the building supply shortages in the country right now. Well, windows are one of them. When we decided to add windows to the kitchen we could NOT find anyone who could get us custom size windows in a decent amount of time.

Brett decided to order double pane glass from a local glass company and build the windows himself! I am so impressed with how well they turned out!!

Our contractor first started by demoing the wall in the kitchen from the interior. We had to have a plumber come out to reroute the gas line that ran behind the wall, and they also had to scoot down some of the electrical wires.

Then they cut out the brick from the outside of the house and framed in the beautiful windows that Brett built!

One of the workers snapped this photo for me while I was out of town! The anticipation was killing me!

They sheet-rocked the wall, started the backsplash (you can find our backsplash HERE, we have the large star and cross in the color Sand Dune – I”M OBSESSED) and hung the frame for the range hood that Brett built! We had them go ahead and add sheetrock around the range hood as well. We plan to add plaster to it, but honestly I am loving it SO much already!!!!



I truly CANNOT believe this is my kitchen!! EEEEEK!!! It has so many features that I love so so much! Next up we plan to tackle the island. We want to square it off and add some trim to the front! Stay tuned!

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