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Kitchen Reno: Cabinet Hardware!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

It is amazing how much of a difference cabinet hardware can make in a kitchen! It really finishes off your cabinets, and makes them more functional!

We finished installing our hardware this past week and I love the way it turned out. We went with champagne bronze hardware and the color contrasts so beautifully with our new Pigeon Cabinets!!! (You can read about having our cabinets painted HERE).

The drawer pulls that we went with were super easy to install!! You drill holes for two screws and then slide the bar onto the screws and tighten! It also makes it really easy to level them perfectly. Brett was really impressed with them and they didn’t make him want to rip his hair out during install like most drawer pulls do.

We chose to do double drawer pulls on the drawers that were wide and had two cabinets above or below them! We also made sure to add hardware to the “faux” drawer fronts below the sink and the gas cooktop. Even though these drawers aren’t functional, it is still important to add hardware to them, in my opinion. This will help make your cabinets look complete and have a more high end look!

I will link both the pulls and the knobs below! They are different brands but are both champagne bronze and match each other perfectly! They are super affordable and come in packs!

The only hardware we haven’t installed yet are the handles for the custom cabinets with glass fronts! I ordered 4 of the rattan pulls pictured below for these doors. I think they are going to make such a subtle and beautiful statement.

Shop Our Hardware Below!

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