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Kitchen Reno: Cabinet Paint

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It’s Pigeon!!! My kitchen is PIGEON! I am so happy I could cry. My favorite color is in the heart of our home and it is bringing me JOY! I wanted to share all of the details about hiring out to have out cabinets painted!

By the way, if you don’t know about the color Pigeon, I chat all about it in my “pigeon” highlight bubble on my Instagram profile, @thebloomingnest! It is a color by Farrow & Ball. I usually get it color matched at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams! We also lightened it by 25% for this project! Here is a photo of the exact number code we used!

We knew when we bought this house, and they wouldn’t let us change the cabinet color, that we would be having them painted after moving in! I did not trust myself to tackle this project on my own because of the prep work it takes, so we decided to hire out!

I asked in my neighborhood facebook group if anyone had recommendations on cabinet painters. A name popped up a few different times so I called him to come out and give us a quote. I knew right away after chatting with him for a few minutes that he was a great fit! Very professional and I loved that he explained how the whole process would go. If you want his contact I would be happy to give it to you! His name is Louis Jasso at Inov8tive Paint out of Humble, TX.

We picked a date for them to come pick up our cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They took them to their shop to prep and paint them and then would come back a week later to paint the cabinet frames and install the doors!

On painting day they prepped the kitchen for a couple of hours. Taping off the whole room and covering countertops and floors. They also set up a large fan to extract the fumes out the back door!

It took them from about 9am-3pm to finish painting and reinstalling the doors and drawer fronts. This was great because I was really only out of a kitchen for one day!

When I walked in to see the finished product I was so so happy!!! The paint was so smooth and the color was perfect!!!


Prices will range depending on where you live and who you hire. But we paid around $3900 for this job. It was an expense we planned in our budget when buying the house and is was 100% worth it to me! But there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there if you decide you would rather tackle it on your own!

Read about how we added the cabinet molding to the ceiling HERE!

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