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Laundry Room makeover with Rocky Mountain Decals

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Our laundry room recently got a huge makeover! It went from boring and builder grade to unique and beautiful! My favorite part of the makeover is the waves peel and stick wallpaper we chose from Rocky Mountain Decals. The quality of their paper blew me away and was so easy to work with! They have a really great and unique selection of paper that you can’t find anywhere else. I love the waves paper we went with because it goes great with the “laundry room” theme.

Here are a couple things that I love about Rocky Mountain Decals’ wallpaper compared to others I have used:

I love that their paper is high quality and sturdy!!

The wallpaper comes numbered and pre-cut so you know exactly what order to place it on your wall. (notice the numbers at the top in the photo below)

I really feel like this wallpaper was exactly what my laundry room needed to feel unique! It is definitely not boring anymore!



Be sure to check out all of Rocky Mountain Decals‘ beautiful selection of wallpaper and decals!! Thank you RMD for working with us on this project!

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