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New Mommy Must-haves!

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hi friends! How are you? It’s been a while! As of January 12 I have been figuring out my new role as “momma,” and it has been an adventure to say the least! We welcomed our little guy, Lawson James, into the world on my mom’s birthday, and it has been such a blessing watching him grow these past two months. Being a mom is all I ever wanted and even though there are really challenging days I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It really is the best!

Throughout my pregnancy I researched all the best baby products, filled my registry with so many items and got them all put neatly away in Lawson’s nursery. I think it is probably the norm to register and buy all the things you think you will need only to find out baby’s are pretty simple and your baby may really dislike something you were so excited to use. I wanted to put together a list of things that I couldn’t have lived without these past two months hoping to maybe help out some of the mommas-to-be out there when they begin this crazy adventure of momhood.. because it really is as crazy and exhausting as they say (but TOTALLY worth it)! So here they are… 13 baby products that I love enough that I decided to write this post and share with y’all! (all items linked below)

This is number one because it’s probably my most favorite baby product! One of the most exciting things to pick out while I was pregnant was a cute diaper bag. I knew I wanted a diaper bag that could be carried as a backpack because I couldn’t imagine having a bag falling off my shoulder while trying to pick up my baby. I quickly fell in love with Fawn Design’s simple aesthetic and quality leather but was not thrilled about the price tag. I ended up buying a simple diaper bag from Buy Buy Baby. On the day I went into labor, a couple of hours before our baby arrived, my mom and sister came in the room and surprised me with a Fawn Design diaper bag! I was so excited and thankful! It has been just as great as I imagined and totally worth the price, which is probably why they sell out all the time. I can fit anything and everything in it, and it is really easy to wipe down when it gets dirty. You can get one for yourself here!

Okay, not going to lie this is something that had to grow on me. When I first got it home and put it together I was not happy to find out that it was SO big, like the size of our new recliner! I was sure there was no way I was leaving it out in my living room! But I left it set up and waited for the baby to arrive to decide if we would return it or not. When Lawson was really little, like the entire first month, I felt like even the lowest swing speed was too fast for him.. so there it sat in the corner not being used. Once he got a little bigger I decided to try it out again and now it is my saving grace! He naps in it like a champ! Something about it just keeps him asleep and that’s exactly what tired momma’s need: sleeping babies. GET ONE. SERIOUSLY. You will not regret it. (Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing)

These two go hand-in-hand because I do not like the Bassinest without the Dockatot! Now I know both of these things are pretty pricey, but I guess that’s what registries are for! And if you don’t have a registry I still think anything that makes those middle of the night wakeup calls easier is worth the money. The Dockatot is a breathable little bed that makes babies feel snug and Lawson loves it! I place it in the Bassinest and he is right next to me, easy to reach for late night feedings. He didn’t like sleeping in the Bassinest by itself, but I’m sure he will once he gets a little bigger. It is true that babies like to feel snug and secure & that’s exactly what the Dockatot does! Law sleeps great, is safe, and this mommy doesn’t have to be far from her baby. (Dockatot & Halo Bassinest)

This was the one baby item I handed over to my husband to research. After walking around Target with him and googling every monitor to check reviews, we were really discouraged to find that most didn’t have more than 3 stars… and were over $200! Then he thought to check out Amazon, because it never lets us down! He came across the Infant Optics baby monitor and it had almost 5 starts and was only $160. We thought we would give it a shot, and it has been the best. I didn’t use it for the first month because Lawson pretty much didn’t leave my side, but now when he is napping during the day I use it and it has been great! Plus it is gold and it never hurts to have a cute baby monitor 😉 (Infant Optics Baby Monitor)

This was an item that seemed a little bit impractical to me. But when you first bring your baby home, you find that they are so sensitive to everything! After all, they have been cozied up and perfectly warm inside of you for 9 months. This is something that kept Lawson from crying during diaper changes those first few weeks. Trust me, a screaming baby in the middle of the night is not fun, so it’s totally worth the $20 if you ask me. We have since packed it away because he doesn’t mind the cold wipes now that he is bigger, but I still think it is worth it for those first few weeks! (Wipe Warmer)

These ended up being the only pacifier that Lawson will take. But I love them because they aren’t constantly falling on the floor! The stuffed animal keeps them laying on your baby’s chest and Law loves to hold onto it while he sucks! The giraffe is my favorite because it is long and stays away from his face. (Wubbanub)

Pretty much you’re going to need a drying rack and this one is cute so it won’t be as much of an eye sore on your kitchen counter! Plus the bottles and parts stand up really well on it! (Boon Drying Rack)

I never realized how much my floors creaked until bringing home a baby. Seriously, the tiniest sound can wake them up from a nap and I promise you do not want to wake them up. I love the white noise setting on this one and pretty much crank it up all the way. Little guy stays asleep so much longer and I don’t have to tip toe around the house! (Noise Maker)

I love this carseat cover so much! (It also doubles as a nursing cover which is awesome!) I just keep it on the carseat at all times and pull it over the front when I don’t want people to touch him, when he’s sleeping hard and there are bright lights wherever we are, or if its cold/raining! It has come in handy and this brand has really cute prints! (Milk Snob Carseat Cover)

Bath time is one of my favorite times with the little one (naked babies are just the cutest). I love the Honest Company’s shampoo and lotion in the lavender scent. It smells so good, is all natural, and the lotion isn’t sticky! (The Honest Co. Shampoo)

I love our stroller! We got the Baby Jogger City Mini Travel System that came with the carseat and stroller and it has been so convenient! I love how easy the stroller is to fold up and how smooth the ride is! We chose the charcoal color and I just love the way it looks! (Baby Jogger Stroller)

The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is one of the coolest baby products I’ve seen! It’s a tank top that you can carry your baby around in! Just slide your sweet little one in and they will be close and snug and your arms will finally get a break. (Soothe Shirt)

So that’s it! My favorite baby products as of now, because I’m sure they will change as we go! Baby’s really do grow up too fast, don’t they? If you have any products that you can’t live without that I need to know about please comment below! Thanks for stopping by! Im off to take a nap 😉

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