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Oops, Kitchen plans have changed…

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It’s bound to happen when you’re in the middle of renovations. I really try to plan everything out and draw up design boards to make sure I am going to love everything before we purchase anything…BUT….

Here was the original design plan! A few things have changed along the way. All changes that I am SO excited for!!!

When we got the custom cabinets that we ordered hung up in the kitchen I just knew they were too big. Not too big in general, I thought they were GORGEOUS and I am the one that ordered the exact size of them. But I really, REALLY want our custom backsplash to be the star of the show and I just felt like the cabinets were going to hide a lot of the backsplash…

I also knew I didn’t want floating shelves…

So we are adding WINDOWS!!! WHAT?!

I am a little nervous because this is a big project, and the exterior wall is brick. But we have an amazing general contractor and I know he is going to do a great job.

One problem… windows are almost impossible to find in stock right now, just like so many things! To order a custom size window you are going to have to wait 8-10 weeks minimum. This would be fine, but I have kitchen content that is due way before then.

So we are now on a mission to find 2 windows that will work for our kitchen! We are going to check out the building surplus store in our area. Fingers crossed!!

And now for the question you’re all asking yourselves…

“But what are you going to do with those pretty custom cabinets!?”

I am so happy you asked 😉 The only way I was okay with switching up our kitchen design was if we had a spot to use the custom cabinets, because I truly loved them so much! We are going to build them into our entryway! We started on this project yesterday so I will be sharing more details soon but it is going to be so beautiful!!!

Make sure to follow along on Instagram, @thebloomingnest, for behind the scenes videos of all of our projects!

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