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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

YAY! This is the room we spend the most time in and I am so excited to share our plans! You have already seen quite a bit of it. I revealed the gallery wall on my Instagram this week (@thebloomingnest). Can you believe that large piece of “art” is our tv!!?! You can shop it below, worth every penny in my opinion.

The cute art surrounding our TV is from Minted! I love their art selection and how they support real artists! Plus, you can get your art framed at any size and any frame option!

I actually struggled quite a bit getting this gallery wall just right. If you have been around for a while you know I love symmetry! I wanted this to be an asymmetrical gallery wall while still being balanced. The key to making it something I love was adding in something other than frames to make it feel complete! I had some round wall planters in my decor room and I love the texture and shape they added to the wall!

Things on our playroom to do list:

  1. Frame out the windows and french doors off the back of the room

  2. Hang two swings! We already have one from Lawson’s room at the old house, so I am saving my pennies to buy another.

  3. Hang curtains high and wide! I am still looking for the perfect ones. I linked some below that are gorgeous but aren’t long enough for my room. I may buy them and lengthen them like I normally do. No matter what I go with I know I want to pull a warm color from the rug! One of my goals I’ve written down for this house is “no boring curtains!”

  4. Add hardware to our tv/storage cabinet as well as add caning to the backs of the doors to hide the toys that are piled inside!

Thats pretty much all the plans I have for now! I don’t want a lot of furniture in this room so there is a lot of space for playing!! If you want to read about the couch that we redid for this room click HERE!

Scroll and shop!

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