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Potty Closet Makeover

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I love decorating tiny spaces, and I was so excited to tackle our “potty closet” in 24 hours!! We started on the evening of our 5th wedding anniversary. Are there any other weirdos out there who choose to DIY together for a date? ha! It’s our favorite way to spend time together!

Below is a photo of the before. We just had new tile installed the week before, which already helped out the space so much! But, I thought it would be so fun to make this space cute, after all, we do spend some time in there each day! haha

We began by painting the back wall in my VERY favorite paint color- Pigeon by Farrow and Ball. Then we built a 5 minute floating shelf! You can find a video tutorial of the shelf on our second instagram account: @behind.thebloomingnest. I stained it and then added some decor! While we were out picking up my art prints from Walgreens, I ran in Target and grabbed a pack of regular sponges and decided to do sponge accent walls on the side walls. I totally just winged this, and it ended up turning out great. I have a sponge wall blog post of another project I did which you can find here.

…and it turned out like this!!

A few people were asking why there isn’t a sink in this “potty closet.” This closet is a part of our master bathroom, which is next on the to-do list! Stay tuned!! Don’t forget you can always find more details and videos of projects we are working on over on my instagram: @thebloomingnest. See you over there!

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