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Spring Kitchen Decor

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Although it feels like our kitchen will never be fully complete I am sooo happy with how it is looking so far. Spring decor is my absolute favorite because of all the florals, pinks and pastels. I love how my shelf styling turned out this time! All of my neutral decor pops against the white shiplap shelving.

The quickest way to make your kitchen feel more cozy? Add a small lamp!! This is my favorite lamp from Target. I cut the cord off of it and added a battery powered lightbulb so I can easily turn it on with a remote and there are no ugly cords wadded up on the counter.

My mom got me the little soap dispenser set for Christmas and it is crazy how much cleaner and put together the sink area looks with matching soaps and a little tray.

What is your favorite season to decorate for?

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