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Stair Gallery Wall

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

YAY! This is one of the spaces that kept me up at night before we moved into this house! I kept designing it over and over in my head. Did it turn out exactly like I thought it would? NOPE! It turned out even better!!

I knew I wanted a large gallery wall that took the shape of the stairs. I wanted just a few large frames and for it to be very cohesive. I also really wanted to incorporate a lot of texture in the frames rather than filling each frame with art prints.

I ordered a pack of dried palm leaves and framed them in some inexpensive poster frames! I love how they turned out. The pack came with 5 stems so I ended up doing them in two separate frames!

The three square frames have vintage fabric fragments in them! I got these from a small shop called Sew & Cloth! They sell beautiful pillow covers and sometimes have leftover fragments that you can purchase! (The square frames are from Hearts in Colors).

We are still working on the stair makeover so this space will look a little different very soon! We also have plans of ripping out the carpet on the stairs and adding beautiful white oak stair treads with a rug runner. I can hardly wait to see it all come together.

Our wall color and trim is Alabaster by Sherwin. Our stairs are painted Accessible beige by Sherwin.

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