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Thrifted Cabinet Makeover

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

When I saw this unique cabinet pop up on Facebook Marketplace, it immediately grabbed my attention! Within the next few hours it was in my garage! I don’t even know what had happened! ha!

It was listed for $100 but I got it for $80! I thought this was a steal considering the piece is about 7′ tall and solid wood!!!

We took all of the doors and drawers off so that I could start painting. We also chiseled off the bamboo trim that was on the cabinet doors, and sanded them smooth. I started by cleaning it up and really lightly sanding it. I used regular primer and primed the entire piece.

Next I painted 2 coats of Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams in semi gloss on the outside of the cabinet and ceiling bright white in the inside! Brett used his paint sprayer to spray the drawers and small door fronts because they have so much texture.

I decided to cover up the weaving on the top of the piece to simplify it even more and so that the woven drawers and door fronts could shine! Brett also cut me a small square for the top left corner because it was missing when we purchased the piece.

The piece came with glass shelves but I had Brett cut me some wooden ones instead and also painted them Accessible Beige.

I decided to use the original hardware that came with the drawers because it would’ve been difficult to find something else that fit them perfectly. I found some handles from Hobby Lobby that matched the pulls almost exactly and used those for the doors!

…..and voila!!!!

If I were to go out and shop for a solid wood piece this size it would cost well over $1,000! All in I think this piece cost me around $200!!! WIN!!

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