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Tips for Picking out the Perfect Rug

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Let’s talk about rugs!! They are hands down my number one favorite piece of decor to buy! They are super important, the options are endless and they make rooms look complete! I thought I would share a few tips for picking out the right rug for your room and how to make sure you choose the right size. I’ll also add a few of my favorite rugs below!

Rug Sizing

Most of the time you are safer going with a bigger size when it comes to rugs. I know sometimes they can be expensive so you choose a smaller size hoping that it will work just fine, but a rug that is too small can really take away  from a room and a rug that is the right size can add sooo much! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind… When adding a rug to a living room, try to make sure all front legs of chairs and couches are on the rug, at least a few inches. Same for a bedroom, make sure your bed is overlapping the rug by a decent amount (see picture above). Here’s a quick guideline you can refer back to when shopping for a rug for your bedroom:

King – 8×11

Queen – 6×9

Full or Twin – 5×8

Of course nothing is a strict rule when it comes to decor, this should help you choose a rug that is an optimal size and gives the greatest impact for your room!

Rug Color

When it comes to color a lot of it can be personal preference. Some may like lots of color and some may like to keep the whole room a neutral palette. Usually, if your furniture pieces have lots of color I would stick to a more neutral rug to really ground the space and vice versa, if your furniture pieces are neutrals and plain a fun colorful/printed rug may really add some flare to the space! Personally, I tend to follow the second option. I love buying furniture pieces that are neutral and traditional so I don’t get tired of them, and buy more fun rugs with some color (even if still muted) so that if i get tired of it it is easier to replace than a sofa! Most of the time you really can’t go wrong with a neutral colored rug, so if you’re the type that wants to pick a rug out once and not replace it for a long time you will probably be better off going that route!

Rug Pattern

This is pretty simple and follows the same guidelines as if you were to mix patterns in your clothing! If you have a sofa with a small floral pattern it would be acceptable to match it with a rug that has a wide stripe pattern or a very sporadic stripe pattern. That may be a little busy for my taste, but it is the best way I can describe it ha! The best way to mix patterns is buy using small scale and large scale ones to make sure they don’t clash or look like there is too much going on in a room. If you’re a huge fan of colorful patterns rugs, a kitchen is a great place for them because theres usually not much else going on in there! Again, if you like to play it safe and you have patterned or printed furniture, maybe opt for a solid colored rug or a classic jute! (I’ll link my favorite below)

Shop Some of my Favorite Rugs

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** This post contains affiliate links, this means that if you purchase through my links I make a small commission but it is no cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my blog

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