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Toy Storage and Organization

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

“Your house always looks so picked up and clean!”
“How do you keep your house clean with a toddler?”
“Where do you keep all the toys?!”

This is a question I get often and one I am excited to answer! I’m going to take you on a little tour around the house and show you all the places that I hide the toys. My number one rule when it comes to toy storage and home organization in general is “if it doesn’t have a place, either create one or get rid of it!”

The other big rule that I started implementing when Lawson was really young was that we clean up one toy before we get out another. This quickly became habit for him and to this day he naturally starts picking up when he is done with a toy and ready to play with something else. This helps me stay sane and helps him play so much better. I think kids can sometimes get overwhelmed with large amounts of toys all mixed together, and it can sometimes cause them not to play/imagine as well.

Let’s start in Lawson’s room…

We recently purchased this Ikea Tarva dresser so that we would have more storage in his room. His clothes and diapers only take up 3 of the drawers so I use the bottom two, which are accessible to him, for his nicer/more expensive toys.

We keep Lawson’s books in his closet on these Ikea shelves. I love these shelves because they keep the books nice and neat rather than all falling over and out of a regular bookshelf. I painted them in the color Pigeon by Farrow and Ball.

We keep his smaller books in baskets that he can reach and read whenever he wishes! Just like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if we ever end up with too many books and they won’t fit in these baskets/shelves, I will either see if some need to be packed away with his baby items or taken to Goodwill.

Stuffed animals go in the basket on the right and also in one of his dresser drawers.

Toy closet…

This closet was originally a linen closet. After living in our house for a couple of months I realized that this closet off of our family room would function much better as a toy closet (plus linen closets are always a mess and so hard to keep straight!). We have a large armoire in our bedroom, that was actually a side-of-the-road find, and I moved all of our linens and extra pillows to it! This was such a great decision for us because now we have an organized toy closet with different baskets he can’t pull out. Being a stay-at-home mom, it is so important to have organized toys because bored kids at home all day is no fun at all.

Living Room…

We keep trucks and balls (#boymom) out in the living room because they are the things he plays with most! These baskets are my favorite because they are super sturdy and really cute! We’ve used them for toys since he was a little baby.

We have a few more toys kept in our media cabinet as well that he can access easily. I love this media cabinet because it has such great storage for things that you don’t want to see out.

Toys can be such a hard thing to find places for because there are so many of them and they aren’t pretty to look at! I really hope this was helpful in showing you ways to store and hide ALL THE TOYS.

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