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Transforming Your Home Exterior with Romabio Lime Slurry: Before and After.

Thinking back to when we bought this house, it all still feels so meant to be! It felt like home the second we pulled up. And although the previous owner was there while we walked around (because it was a for sale by owner), it still somehow felt like ours.

My brain began exploding with ideas of how to make it feel more like our style before we even walked out the door from the first showing...

One thing I knew I wanted to do was Romabio Lime Slurry to the exterior brick! We had wanted to use this product for years and had actually swatched it on one of our previous homes. For whatever reason it never ended up working out. Years later I still cannot believe it when I drive up to our house. I cannot believe it is ours. A house that truly feels like us and feels like home.

The lime slurry is everything and more that I hoped for! The richness and texture, the way that it slurs the grout lines. It truly is such an amazing product!! Romabio products are natural and MADE for brick and stone. You don't have to worry about paint chipping off or the brick being able to "breathe." Watch when we first swatched it on the house HERE.

When we started the project, we planned to do the lime slurry on the entire house, but after chatting with my friend, Patty from Romabio, and her showing me some before and afters of their Venetian Glaze, I was sold! It is a glaze so it is super watered down, but doesnt hide or take away the dimension that stone can bring to your home.

We ended up going with Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore in the Lime Slurry and Romabio's Cristallo White in the Venetian Glaze. We chose Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore for the trim and siding. I absolutely love the combo. It is everything warm, cozy and inviting that I wanted!

The icing on the cake was building these extra large shutters and window boxes with my dad and painting them, you guessed it: Pigeon! I truly do smile every single time I catch a glimpse!

If you have been wanting to transform your home but have been nervous about what products to use, Romabio is the place to start! Don't forget to follow on Instagram @thebloomingnest for more videos and behind the scenes of this project!

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