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Whimsical Feminine Toddler Girl Room Design

AHHH! I can hardly wait to grab a paint roller and start on the kids’ rooms!! I am so set on Brenan (Squish) having pretty pink walls in her new room. I plan to paint them Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball.

The bedroom ceilings in our new house are 10 feet! Which is a blessing and a curse, ha! I am excited for the tall ceilings with crown molding, but I will either have to make my own curtains or have them custom made. I need their rooms to have blackout curtains for good sleeping. I have this beautiful green printed fabric picked out from spoonflower. It is so feminine and whimsical! It almost gives off “princess” vibes.

The scalloped jute rug, floral art print and green dresser will tie it all in and help keep the feminine vibe throughout the room.

For now, she will be in her crib because we don’t want to mess up a good thing. But when she outgrows the crib she will get our beautiful Jenny Lind bed!

Here is some inspo I had saved for her room!

What is your favorite part?? Mine is the curtains, despite that fact that I will have to make them LOL.

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